Possible Contraindications for High Dose Vitamin C

Take Liposomal Vitamin C away from Quercetin.

I take my Vit C at least 30-45 min before quercetin.
Song, J. et al. Flavonoid inhibition of sodium-dependent vitamin C transporter 1 (SVCT1) and glucose transporter isoform 2 (GLUT2), intestinal transporters for vitamin C and Glucose. J. Biol. Chem. 277, 15252–15260 (2002).


One of the contraindications possible with vitamin C usage is a glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency.  This is an inherited condition where the individual doesn’t have the G6PD enzyme.  G6PD helps the body to function normally and very high dose vitamin C infusions or very high dose liposomal vitamin D has a rare possibility of causing hemolytic anemia.


Those with iron overload should understand that vitamin C increases the absorption of iron into the body, especially in the heart where it can cause problems.  Ferritin levels should ideally be less than 80 and transferrin saturation should be less than 40%.   Also, if iron levels are high, wait 2-3 hours after taking the liposomal vitamin C before eating red meat or anything else that is high in iron.


In patients with a history of kidney disorders, kidney failure has been reported after ascorbic acid treatment. Patients with a tendency to develop kidney stones should not be treated with high-dose vitamin C.


  • possible allergens to the liposomal component of the product. A non-GMO cold pressed sunflower lecithin is used the case of the Australian Made ‘Life Energy C’ product. 


  • Young children and
  • Individual taking blood thinning medications

It is always advisable to discuss high dose vitamin C therapy with your doctor before beginning.

In this online article by Dr. Jockers he explains Liposomal vitamin C in easy-to-read terms, and in much more depth.

Dr. Jockers also shares his Liposomal Vitamin C dosage recommendations:

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