Leave 6 hrs between Chlorella and High Dose Vitamin C in order to reap the highest benefits of both.

Today I learnt that I need to make a new rule, being to “always take my two favorite supplements at different times of the day”. This article explains vitamin C may weaken the chelation binding capacity of the chlorella and if I’m taking high dose Vitamin C, I need to allow at least 6 hours before enjoying my chlorella.
No problem! I enjoy my Chlorella Chia Jar first thing in the morning (chia & goji’s soaked o’night in H2O w a sq of lemon juice, tspn ginger powder, 1 tspn chlorella) and now just need to move my high dose Vitamin C protocol to the afternoon so as to not disrupt the good work the chlorella is doing.
It’s a great article and will switch you on to the amazing benefits of chlorella – if you are not already switched on. https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/health-benefits-of-chlorella/?fbclid=IwAR218i0FTnfr-qLeYBXOnO_4Eo6aON0U5MRic8BRLa6Q7Nj-VsGhxzFy78Y