Articles I am reading during my social isolation that have me celebrating the truly remarkable benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C

The effectiveness of vitamin C in preventing and relieving the symptoms of virus-induced respiratory infections – Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics

Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus

COVID-19, Pneumonia & Inflammasomes – The Melatonin Connection ( scroll right down to Vit C section)

New York hospitals treating corona virus patients with vitamin C

Dr. Jockers shares his Liposomal Vitamin C Protocols: 

For an individual with no major symptoms or diagnosis that wants good general health

1-2 grams is optimal               Take 1,000 mg   1-2 x daily

Extreme Athlete or Individual with Major Health Challenges:

4-6 grams is optimal              Take 2,000 mg  2-3x daily

Extreme Disease – Late Stage Infection, Cancer, Heart Disease, etc.

8-12 grams is optimal             Take 4,000 mg  2-3 x daily

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