Liposomal Vitamin C for Neuropathy

It’s both the lecithin and the ascorbic acid which are going to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy The Vitamin C will reduce the inflammation and repair the damage where it can (neuropathy has many and varied root causes). The lecithin component of the liposomal vitamin C contains choline a building block for our nerve cells. Choline protects the myelin sheath and maintains nerve function. For anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy liposomal vitamin C is a sure way to to protect your healthy cells from the nerve damage these therapies can so often inflict.
Cancer alone is enough to deal with without adding neuropathy to the mix.
Here’s a great article that explains all the different types of neuropathy and the various symptoms. The author also lists conventional treatments, symptom management and suggested supplements. Lecithin is top of the list and the author suggests between 1.2 and 3.6 grams of lecithin powder each day.
So, 2 teaspoons of Life Energy C Liposomal Vitamin C each day is going to take care of this nerve maintenance requirement. It is safe to increase this amount to the level in which you feel a sense of increased brain focus and or alertness ( yes lecithin is great brain food). Friends who have suffered from neuropathy tell me they almost instant feel relief and increased clarity from just one tablespoon of life Energy C.

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Valuable Lectures and Interviews on High Dose Vitamin C

I encourage you to continue learning about high dose vitamin C via these video links below. My personal experience is that I could apply these high doses at home with liposomal vitamin C.

Board-certified oncologist Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D. explains high-dose vitamin C therapy in detail including his protocols.

Dr. Robert Cathcart, vitamin C pioneer lecture on high dose vitamin C.

Andrew Saul: video lecture also includes the question and answer session. From the Intravenous Vitamin C & Chronic Illness Symposium at the Riordan Clinic, Oct 2016.]

The Role of Vitamin C in the Management of Viral Diseases – Victor Marcial-Vega, MD

How Vitamin C Fights Cancer, The Riordan Clinic.


High Dose Vitamin C use with Chemotherapy and Radiation

This page is where I will collect and re-post articles and interviews in which the combination of high dose vitamin C with chemotherapy and/or radiation is discussed.

Board-certified oncologist Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D. explains high-dose vitamin C therapy in detail including his protocols.

I believe this article by Dr. Ray Stand is an interesting read, for anyone diagnosed with cancer who is deciding if they really should refrain from high dose vitamin C and other antioxidants during  chemotherapy or radiation. It’s food for thought.
Link to article

The quotes below are copied directly from the United States Government’s Cancer.gov website

“In a 2014 study of 27 patients with advanced ovarian cancer, chemotherapy alone was compared with chemotherapy and IV vitamin C. IV vitamin C was given during chemotherapy and for 6 months after chemotherapy ended. Patients who received IV vitamin C had fewer side effects from the chemotherapy.”

“Patients with non-small cell lung cancer or glioblastoma multiforme in two pilot trials were given standard therapy plus IV vitamin C. Patients had better overall survival and fewer side effects compared to the control groups.”

The link to the page on which these quotes were found

This podcast interview with American integrative cancer care specialist Paul Anderson covers many things quiet fast, so set yourself up with a pen and paper if you are looking for some valuable wide ranging integrative oncology support tips. He talks about patients successfully integrating high dose vitamin C into their chemotherapy treatments.

Dr. Anderson compiled reviewed 30 pages of data summary in which high dose vitamin C was used alongside chemotherapy, and found that only in two cases there was a problem, which could be corrected easily  (by separating the high dose vitamin C treatment from the chemotherpy in time dosage frame). He even says that you could provide the same support by loading up on liposomal vitamin C the days leading up to and after chemotherapy.


Below are simply my own thoughts.
I think the reasons liposomal vitamin C helps so many people feel a lot better during and after chemo and radiation is because of its  immune boosting, energy raising, protective, anti-infammatory qualities and its abilty to gently and effeciently remove toxins from the liver.

Unlike chemotherpay drugs ascorbic acid is non-toxic in high doses and greatly protects our healthy cells from the toxicity of chemo and radiation.

In this online article by Dr. Jockers he explains Liposomal vitamin C in easy-to-read terms, and in much more depth.


Dr. Jockers also shares his Liposomal Vitamin C dosage recommendations:

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What does the United States Cancer Institute have to say about high dose Vitamin C in relation to Cancer?

Researchers are not as up to date as they need to be in regards to the latest form of high dose vitamin C; liposomal vitamin C, which is also taken orally, but is not absorbed the same way as an oral or powdered vitamin C. Oral vitamin C is referred to in the current day research in a less positive light than intravenous vitamin C because it is not able to be absorbed into our cells in high doses.
Liposomal vitamin C is different than oral vitamin C referred to in the studies because it bi-passes most of the gastrointestinal system, and enters the cells directly via the phospholipids in which it is encapsulated. Liposomal vitamin C therefor it is most similar to intravenous vitamin C.

So when reading articles on vitamin C studies remember not to confuse liposomal vitamin C with oral vitamin C studies and think of it more like a less invasive safer form of  intravenous vitamin C that it is possible to take in equally high doses, in the comfort of your home, without upsetting the digestive system.

Overview from The National Cancer Institute (USA)

 Originally published by the National Cancer Institute.

And this article is worth a read too, if you or anyone you know is considering chemotherapy and high dose vitamin C therapy in combo.

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Read testimonial from Australians discovering the benefits of Liposomal vitamin C here.

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A Personal Cancer Story
“I used high dose vitamin C therapy in conjunction with radiation to a tumor on my spine and continue to use the high dose vitamin C every day. At my oncologist meeting in Jan 2018, my oncologist agreed that the images from my last CT and bone scans showed not only stability but signs of ‘contrast filling in’ and that this could indicate that healing was taking place on my spine. She also told me that my blood tests showed that my breast cancer tumour markers were in the normal persons range. I refer to my high dose vitamin C intake as my DIY immune therapy and it is one of a handful of therapies I am doing.
I have started a page within this blog where I will post articles which specifically relate to high dose vitamin C and its compatibility with chemotherapy and radiation.
Find it here

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In this online article by Dr. Jockers he explains Liposomal vitamin C in easy-to-read terms, and in much more depth.

Dr. Jockers also shares his Liposomal Vitamin C dosage recommendations:

Check out my blog and the many articles that may help you.

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vitamin C here