The Connection Between Collagen and VitaminC

So collagen is said to be the glue that holds our bodies together. Collagen keeps our ligaments moving smoothly and our skin and hair elastic and strong. It is needed to replace dead skin cells with new skin cells.
Collagen contributes to the formation of connective tissue and can seal and heal the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract.  Eating bone broths which are  high in collagen, is said to improve your collagen levels. We can also support our body to convert collagen to a usable protein by increasing our vitamin C intake. When we have adequate vitamin C levels the collagen we eat can be transformed into energy.

In this deep, yet super easy to follow article on collagen Dr. Josh Axe explains all things collagen and clearly states that “In order for collagen to be activated in the body, you always want to take your supplements with a source of amino acids and vitamin C

Another article of interest by W.J. McCormick, MD  which can be found at Selene River Press discusses the fact that “cancer tends to take root mainly in areas of the body that have become depleted in collagen—the elastic connective tissue responsible for “cementing” cells in their place. As collagen diminishes, he says, cancerous cells become free to exercise their natural “amoeboid activity” and move to other parts of the body (i.e., metastasize). Since the body requires vitamin C to produce collagen, Dr. McCormick argues, it stands to reason that a deficiency of  vitamin C enables the spread of cancer—a notion supported by the fact that cancer patients tend to be severely depleted in the nutrient.”
Read the full article at Selene River Press.

In this next online article written for the Natural Food Series, food and nutrition resource library Jose Adams clearly explains the 11 most amazing benefits of vitamin C



So when you tell your nurse or doctor that you are taking high dose vitamin C each day and the reply is “well at least you won’t catch a cold” don’t forget to tell them about how you are supporting yourself in so many more ways, inside and out.

My breast cancer nurse said the same to me recently, and it just showed me that the world really needs to get up to speed with the importance of increasing and maintaining high levels of vitamin C. She was right, I have not caught a cold or flu since I began taking it…and there is so many more benefits I’m enjoying that sadly many more cancer patients could be sharing in too.

In this online article by Dr. Jockers he explains Liposomal vitamin C in easy-to-read terms, and in much more depth. He also gives the following
Liposomal Vitamin C
dosage recommendations:

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