Vitamin C is essential for healthy bones

Vitamin C levels in red blood cells (platelets) and immune cells (leukocytes) are lowered by the use of  oral contraceptives (OC’s) specifically those containing estrogen- like compounds. Furthermore, OCs increase oxidative stress (the production of more free radicals than our cells can neutralize), so these drugs increase needs for vitamin C. Vitamin C is required for our production of collagen. Since more than 90% of the protein in the bone matrix is collagen, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for healthy bone.

Author: Lara Pizzorno, MDIV, MA, LMT

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Lara Pizzorno is the author of “Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life – Naturally” and a member of the American Medical Writers Association with 29 years of experience specializing in bone health . Lara is the Editor of Longevity Medicine Review ( as well as a Senior Medical Editor for SaluGenecists Inc., and Integrative Medicine Advisors, LLC

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