The #1 Stress Buster & Quitting Smoking Supplement.

Smoking cigarettes has become many people’s legal go-to-drug of choice when they need a quick stress buster.

Smoking a cigarette is well known way to self-administer a relaxing pick-me-up.

I guess we find it so difficult to quit smoking because of this very power it has,
to both stimulate and relax us at the same time.

What else is interesting is that high dose vitamin C also relaxes us, and picks us up – at the same time too.

Findings from this recent study suggests that high vitamin C status may be associated with improved overall mood in young adult males.

And this interesting article from Psychology Today concludes that, “People who have high levels of vitamin C do not show the expected mental and physical signs of stress when subjected to acute psychological challenges”.

Caroline Cranshaw, the author of ‘The Smoking Cure’ says that

A) Smokers are found to have below average levels of Vitamin C.

B) A pack-a-day smokers levels of Vitamin C are as much as 40 percent lower then a non-smoker.

C) Smoking uses up around 25 milligrams of the vitamin C in your system, per cigarette.

D) Your body does not make vitamin C on its own, and our body does not store it either.

E) If we are depleting our body of Vitamin C it is therefor essential that we take supplemental Vitamin C, and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C.

Furthermore, she says that studies have shown that taking Vitamin C is as effective as taking a nicotine replacement drugs for cigarette cravings.

Read more from Caroline Cranshaw on how supplementing with Vitamin C can help you overcome those nasty cigarette cravings and make you feel less sh*t when you quit, here.

Caroline Cranshaw, the author of ‘The Smoking Cure’

Many people tell me that 2 teaspoons (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) of Life Energy Liposomal Vitamin C each day contributes greatly towards their sense of overall health and emotional agility during stressful life situations. These are people who are facing a range of life stresses including quitting smoking, cancer diagnosis, relationship breakdowns, work/travel demands, illness, childbirth, recovery from injury/sickness etc…

Read just some of the testimonials for high dose vitamin C that have been sent in here.

“Yes, it’s sour, and it makes your face screw up when you taste it, but I can honestly say that the improvements to my energy levels and to my physical and mental health make a second of intense sour –  totally worth it”
OM, 2018

Life Energy C, liposomal vitamin C delivers 1000mg dose (1 gram) in just one teaspoon.

Studies show that protective effect of vitamin C for non-hormone-dependent cancers is strong.
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