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Jan 8th 2022
I have sold out of the 200ml Bottles with highest strength Vit C formula and I am not sure in these crazy virus days if or when I will have that formula available for sale again.
I am back to producing the 220ml original formula myself in a local commercial kitchen until we have the 200ml highest strength formula in stock again. Can not say when that will be. Meanwhile…There is a 2 bottle maximum order on the original formula and all orders are sent express post.

Life Energy C the original formula is back.
All non-GMO Ingredients:
Lipospheric Ascorbic Acid 1g per 5ml teaspoon
about 44g of Vit C per 220ml glass bottle

Original formula Ingredients:
Non GMO Ascorbic Acid,
Distilled water,
Non GMO Sunflower Lecithin
Nothing else. SO PURE that we can only give it a short best by date.

Store in fridge. Shake well before use and consume as directed by your health care practitioner at a rate of 1000mg of Vitamin C per 5ml. Lasts longest if you Store in Fridge from the day it arrives in the mail.

Current batch for sale:
Expires : 28th Feb 2022

1 teaspoon contains 1 gram/1000mg Vitamin C
Made in Australia.

Delivery to Australian Customers Only.
Contact Abbey
Business hours: 02 6569 6653
Message: 0414 284 150
E: admin@myhealingcommunity.com

How to order Life Energy C original formula Liposomal Vitamin C:

Email me (Abbey) at:


Email subject: Lip C original formula order

Copy Email content from options below:

1 bottle: Please may I order 1 x 220ml bottle of Lip C at $40 plus express post delivery (2-3days) $13
= $53 for 1 bottle delivered to: (enter your name postal address and mobile number for Australia Post notifications)

2 bottles: Please may I order 2 x 220ml bottle of Lip C at the discount price of $75 + $15 express post
total of $90 for 2 bottles delivered to: (enter your name postal address and mobile number for Australia Post notifications)

Note: 2 bottles per order per week whilst there is such high demand PLUS we are producing the original formula which has no preservatives.

Add my email to your address book so my reply does not go to spam.

Abbey Mitchell – High Dose Vitamin C – Email : admin@myhealingcommunity.com

All customers, I will confirm I have your order and what day I am able to dispatch.
– please look out for my email reply that contains my BSB and Account details for you to pay your total.
Total invoice incl express post needs to be paid by you before it is posted.
If you don’t want to hang around for an email reply please try me on my landline between 9am and 5pm 02) 6569 6653 or send me a text anytime but don’t always expect me to be in signal range or on.
I do check messages and emails at least once a day and will reply as soon as see yours.

Existing customers who have my bank details it’s fine to go ahead and pay as you order and send me payment confirmation and I will reply to let you know I’ve got your order what day I am able to dispatch..

COVID safe place of business. All orders leave our workspace and hands thoroughly cleaned using hypochlorous acid for cleaning and express post for deliveries.