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May 5th 2022

There is a 2 bottle maximum order and all orders are sent express post.

5 ml teaspoon contains approx 830mg Vit C
15ml tablespoon contains approx 2.5g Vit C
Enjoy neat or stir into water or juice.
Must be kept in fridge.

What is Kaempferia galanga?
Kaempferia galanga, or galanga, is a relative of ginger,
whose rhizomes produce a flavonoid, kaempferol.
Learn more about Kaempferol:
“Kaempferol displays several pharmacological properties, among them antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, and antidiabetic activities, and is being applied in cancer chemotherapy”.
read more: Kaempferol: A Key Emphasis to Its Anticancer Potential

Delivery to Australian Customers Only.
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How to order Life Energy C+3

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1 bottle: Please may I pre-order 1 x 220ml bottle of Lip C+3 at $44 plus express post delivery (2-3days) $13 = $57 for 1 bottle delivered to: (enter your name postal address and mobile number for Australia Post notifications)

2 bottles: Please may I order 2 x 220ml bottle of Lip C+3 at the discount price of $85 + $15 express post
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COVID safe place of business. All orders leave our workspace and hands thoroughly cleaned using hypochlorous acid for cleaning and express post for deliveries.