Buy Lip Vit C

June 28th 2022
There is a 2 bottle maximum order and all orders are sent express post.

How to order Life Energy C

Email me (Abbey) at:


Email subject: Lip C information please

Abbey Mitchell – High Dose Vitamin C – Email :

Australia Only- sorry no international deliveries.
All customers, I will send you more information including ingredients and price and potency and if you order I will then confirm I have your pre-order and confirm what day I am set to dispatch.
I will email you an invoice the day (or two) before the set dispatch date.
Total invoice including express post needs to be paid before it is posted.
I do check messages and emails at least once a day and will reply as soon as see yours.

COVID safe place of business. All orders leave our workspace and hands thoroughly cleaned using hypochlorous acid for cleaning and express post for deliveries.